#DigEx 2019

The Digital Subsurface

30th - 31st of January 2019

OSLO, Norway

Welcome to the first conference on digitalization uniquely designed  for the subsurface community. 

The conference focuses on how digital technology is enabling the oil & gas industry to completely change the way we work, how it impacts our daily jobs and the possibilities that comes with it. We will get concrete examples on how companies are embracing the possibilities within this emerging domain and how they are changing their work-flows and approach to the entire value chain from a subsurface perspective. 

The forerunners in the industry will present what they have done and how far they have come in the digital transformation process. It will be an arena for inspiration and learning from the innovators and an opportunity to learn how digitalisation will enable the oil & gas industry to take advantage of the enormous amount of data we have available in order to make better decisions throughout the entire value chain.




Setting the stage - digital technology: exponential & disruptive

Visions and frustrations; demystifying digitalization:

Digital transformation – separating hype from reality. Digital disruption in context - how we must embrace digital transformation

What are the enablers of change and how do you prepare an organisation for such a culture change?

Digital perspectives

The digitalization roadmaps and architecture

We will hear from authorities and companies in the digital transformation phase, experiences and learnings & way forward towards their digital vision

Requirements for the future oil & gas professional


Enabling data liberation and sharing

Opportunities and challenges that come with the digitalisation of data and the opportunity to share data across companies and boarders. 

More data leads to a richer insight, better foundation for analytics and machine learning – providing us with richer insight and again better decision support. Easy to say, but how?

Planning for the future, how can we create a future-ready environment for data sharing. Automated, high quality, efficient, scalable. 



Concrete examples from the industry

How big oil companies have approached digitalisation and how far they have come solutions and tools developed by the service industry showcase possibilities for the future


Paving the way for new business models

How can the service industry take advantage in the possibilities arising with the new status quo?

Are we up for disruption?

Can exponential technology, data sharing, algorithms, smart insight transform the way we work, lead to radical improvements and new business models? 

Where are we now? What are future opportunities?

How can new technology change exploration workflows? Radical improvements that transform the way we work with geoscience data, creating prospects and make decisions.

New innovative way of working. Status today vs. future state.



Roadmap towards the next generation exploration

From visionary visions to digital roadmap. What are the key enablers to transform, to ensure we take the steps towards the vision?


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